Hey, I’m Victor Escandon. I’m a photographer working and living in Dallas Texas.


I try to honor GOD with the creativity HE has gifted me with. I try to have people see HIM in the images I capture, so naturally LOVE is a huge factor. I love music, art, design, poetry, anything where you can be creative I guess. I love my family. I love my peers in this photography game.  I hate avocados and working on cars. 
Im the youngest of 4 kids, my mom and dad were born in Mexico and ended up in Dallas many years ago. 

Im very grateful for what I get to do.  To not be at that 9-5 is a blessing.  Im thankful for my family to allow me to do what I do, they sacrifice a lot for me.  I can never repay them for what they allow me to do.  Thank you guys for following my work and even visiting the page.  Im hopeful to meet you guys soon and for my past brides THANK YOU for treating me like family......