3 Ladies and a Camera

I don't always post about personal things, but just wanted to share a couple of images from yesterday of the women in my life and the reason I picked up a camera. 

See capturing those two young girls on the left playing soccer every Saturday about 9 years ago with my little point and shoot Kodak, yes I said point and shoot. Best of all I actually walked around the huge soccer fields with a monopod on it just like the big boys I waned to be like, Neil Leifer, Walter Looss, Brad Margin & Peter Read Miller. 

Hit play and check out some of my handy work from 2007-Present. 

Man......so yes looking at the video, its been a while I've been doing this.  I know the Lord has me where I'm suppose to be and Im fine with that.  I started doing my transition from "sports photographer" to event photographer when the girls I coached at the time were turning 15, and you already know what that means Quinceanera!  So it was like "coach you take pictures, do you want to be a sponsor to my quince as the photographer?" 

By then I had moved up to shooting with a Sony A100 with a kit lens & a flash. So naturally I was like yes!  Below is one of my first images from a session for a quinceanera back in 2007. Man I had no clue what I was doing! Some would argue I still don't and that may be true but hustle always out does talent when talent doesn't hustle so I hustled my @ss off. 

2007 Quinceanera  

2007 Quinceanera  

So I have a lot to be thankful for. The ladies in the first pic are the main reason Im thankful.  For allowing me to document their life and by giving me a life that allows me to do what I love doing.  So there is a small glimpse as to where and how I started photography.  

2016 Quinceanera  

2016 Quinceanera  

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I'll be looking to do a free session and for my 1K follower I'll be having a drawing for a complimentary wedding! YES A WHOLE WEDDING ON ME! 


Stay tuned!